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WEB design
The Project of the WEB page, Production and Update
To build a Website from now.
To add new contents at the site.
To update contents of the existing websites.

We can handle evrything needed to get your company online with a website design, the production and the update.

Translation to Japanese, Korean and English
We can translate existent contents of Websites into other languages.
It is different from the mere translation.
Builder Websites is a full-service in your whole of the pages.
So,we c offer logos, words in graphics as well as text.
Inquiry / Estimate
The whole of PC's software
We can dispatch instructors of Windows, Macintosh for PC training.
Also, we can help you to make planning and management for enterprise training and customer support of PC sailors.
We make the document of various purposes by pamphlets, manuals, reports, presentation materials and so on.
Control of a network and building servers
We can assist your business of the IT section for the intranet, Internet in such cases as the network design, the control of server building and maintenance.
We have many experiences in the mixture environment of Windows, NT, MacOS, UNIX.
Consulting about IT
We are always consider in your position and help.
  • Clear the purpose of information system
  • Propose of reform measure and present analysis
  • Assist of introduction machines
Please discuss to us about any little thing.
We can serve translation by Native Speaker of each country(America-Korea-Japan) promptly and precisely.
You can get results of translation that completely layouted by word processor and DTP software, if you needed.
Email: infoj@threed.co.jp
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